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Lucky Hunter will find any top-level IT specialist for Executive roles.

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Executive search is a service designed to find exceptional and rare tech specialists. These professionals often possess remarkable professional backgrounds and exceptional skills.

Finding the perfect candidates for executive roles can be a demanding and time-consuming task for IT companies. Our IT recruitment agency is committed to simplifying this process and assisting you in discovering the ideal candidates for these job vacancies.
Outstanding Professional Background
Top-tier salaries
Exceptional Skills

Outstanding Professional Background

Exceptional Skills

Top-tier salaries

Recruiting of top-level specialists: why us?

Our track record includes the successful placement of high-level roles, including DevOps Evangelists, CTOs, VPs of Sales and Marketing, Heads of Product, and many others.

Professional staffing of top-level specialists

Before we begin our research, we perform a thorough market analysis for the specific position and examine organisations where suitable candidates work. We also establish salary ranges.

Unique selection strategy

We use uncommon sources to locate the best candidates.

Uncommon talent acquisition sources

Our experts have a deep understanding of the specifics of the international IT sphere. It helps them to select suitable IT specialists, even for the most demanding positions.

100% result

Once you experience the services of Lucky Hunter, you won't settle for anything less. Contact our IT recruitment agency today and feel the difference for yourself.

We use a neuroscientific approach and examine the candidate's cognitive and emotional traits, allowing us to find a 100% fit for your company.

Neuroscientific approach

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