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We are an international IT recruitment agency, so we search for software developers and recruit tech personnel anywhere in the world. The search for IT talents knows no boundaries, and it is our pleasure to find tech talent for you in the country that is relevant to your business.

UAE or any other region — the location does not matter because we do global IT recruitment.

Do you work only in the UAE or
offer global tech recruitment as well?

We work both with large scale projects and startups. Helping young teams develop and finding highly-qualified and talented professionals for them are always our first considerations.

That is why we cooperate with startups on special terms and conditions, including discounts.

My startup needs tech recruiting.
Can you be of any assistance?

Our services include permanent and contract tech recruitment (full or part-time), including even the rarest IT occupations.

We also offer Executive search as well: it is recruitment of top management in IT for senior positions — CTO, VP of Sales, Head of Product, etc.

Furthermore, we conduct large-scale IT market intelligence: from a review of wages and compensation to calculating the market share in certain regions. Each research is carried out under a specific request of the customer.

What services does your
tech recruitment agency have?

The final cost depends not on the location but on the specifics of a particular position — for example, the price of recruiting tech talents in our IT recruitment agency varies starting from 18% of the annual income of a professional and from 23% for Executive search.

The price for IT market intelligence is calculated individually in each case and depends on the scale, timing and methods.

How much does tech recruiting
cost in the UAE?

Full recruiting cycle: our tech recruitment experts will take care of selecting resumes and conducting initial interviews with candidates so that you receive only relevant talents motivated to cooperate.

We also guide candidates throughout from the beginning of communication to the offer, help to negotiate, coordinate the next stages and form a job offer.

Also, our tech recruiters, in case necessary, will help identify bottlenecks in the recruitment processes and give advice on their optimization. Candidate replacement guarantee is also included in the price.

Looking for a new employee in the team is always exciting, so we do everything possible to make sure that each proposed candidate will fit you and key values of your company, and will be able to make you a perfect match.

What do you include in the price?

Recruitment like any other process based on the interaction between people can be really unpredictable due to the human factor. We do understand that various situations may arise, including when, at the end of the probationary period, the company or the candidate makes a decision to go separate ways.

So we provide you with a free replacement for the candidate.

What is a candidate
replacement guarantee?

We often say that IT recruiting is very cyclical, and sometimes it can be repeated until the candidate starts their work at your company :)

To let you go through the entire process in a more convenient way, we wrote about the key stages in detail on a separate page.

How do you work in general?

The high quality of the service is our main priority, that is why we never bury you under a countless number of CVs the very next day after the job opening is discussed — this approach does not go hand in hand with quality.

Nevertheless, efficiency for us plays a vital role — the reason is we understand that fast and effective hiring affects many of your business processes.

Therefore, each of our IT recruiters performs the best results and shows the first relevant candidates in 4 working days, filling the job openings within two weeks.

How long does it take you
to fill the job openings?

We do not act according to a single template, and we use an individual approach for every client, because each case is different. That’s why we solve specifically your “pain” and your tasks, forming a search strategy and motivation specifically and individually for them which proves excellent results.

Moreover, we believe in the principle of partnership: when recruiting tech staff, we and the client pursue a common goal — hiring IT talents. To achieve it successfully, it is vital to be able to listen and hear each other, show flexibility, act together and treat each other with respect.

That is why we care about partnership so much: cooperating only with companies close to us in spirit, we successfully fill 100% of the job openings that we work on.

What makes you stand out among
other IT recruitment agencies?