Tech market intelligence & consultancy

Does your entire recruitment process need to be changed and taken to the next level? Are you focusing on opening a new office and need to decide on the country that fits the goals of your business most of all? Tech market intelligence & consultancy carried by the team of our experts will provide you with answers to all your questions.
We know you, your business, your goals and the markets you operate in. Each of our market intelligence is developed for a particular customer.

Customized research

Carrying out the research doesn’t end with getting the results. We care for you and your time, that is why you get the results in the presentation format with various charts, infographics and tables.


The experts of our research center have degrees in sociology and a vast background in various kinds of market intelligence. Market share in specific regions, marketing research, competitive analysis, HR brand — we will carry any kind of research you need. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, we get valid and reliable results which help your business grow and develop.

Exclusive expertise

Our lead tech recruiters will join their forces to make sure your case will be performed on the top level