Hundreds of happy clients can't be wrong

We reached out to the agency seeking a QA specialist. Lucky Hunter's recruiters were responsive to our needs, providing only relevant candidates. We were pleasantly impressed by the promptness and effectiveness of the entire recruitment process. Our partnership exceeded expectations; not only did we secure the ideal specialist, but we also found a reliable recruiting ally. I highly endorse Lucky Hunter to anyone in search of swift and top-notch IT recruitment services!
Chief of Staff – Embria
(Limassol, Cyprus)
Lucky Hunter filled two vacancies for us: a PHP developer and a Product Manager. The recruiting teams we worked with understood our needs well and found strong candidates. We actually made an offer to one of the first specialists they’d sent for one role. The search process was efficient: they communicated clearly throughout and kept us updated regularly. The agency staff were professional and responsive to our questions. Overall, a positive experience.
HR People Partner – ex corp. (Limassol, Cyprus)
Head of Global Recruitment in Semrush (Boston)
I wanted to share my experience working with Lucky Hunter agency, especially considering how tough it is to find skilled specialists in today's IT market.

Let me tell you, working with them has been great! They truly know their stuff when it comes to IT trends and understand our needs as clients. It's been really cool collaborating with them.

What sets Lucky Hunter agency apart is that they not only provide excellent IT staffing services but also offer relocation support. Recently, they helped us fill an urgent vacancy for a DE engineer and even assisted with the relocation process.
Co-Founder at Taker
Lucky Hunter is a highly respected IT recruitment agency. With over four years of experience working with them, I can attest to their professionalism and expertise in finding top IT talent.

Their team has collaborated with us on team building for Schumann (filled various positions with the team) and has successfully filled several IT positions for Tewris. They recently filled a Java developer position and are currently working on finding an experienced Marketing Manager. Within just a week, they have already found promising candidates.

If you need assistance finding top IT talent, Lucky Hunter can help. I highly recommend working with them for your IT recruitment needs.
Product Marketing Manager in CloudLinux (Palo Alto, California)
We have been working with Lucky Hunter for the past two years and their team has become an essential part of our recruitment process. They have helped us fill various positions in our tech department, including developers, designers, and project managers.

What we appreciate most about working with Lucky Hunter is their ability to find us candidates who not only have the technical skills we need but also fit our company culture. Their personalized approach to recruitment sets them apart from other agencies, and we have been consistently impressed with the quality of candidates they bring to the table. We highly recommend Lucky Hunter to any company looking for a reliable and efficient recruitment partner.
Co-CEO at Freedom Finance Europe Ltd (Germasogeia, Limassol)
We have been collaborating with Lucky Hunter since 2019, and throughout our partnership, we have successfully filled 12 positions in various areas, including PHP, QA, MS SQL, Senior C++, and mobile development.

Lucky Hunter recruiters consistently demonstrate a deep understanding of the IT industry, attentively listening to our requirements and providing us with relevant and qualified candidates.

I recommend Lucky Hunter as their professional approach makes working with them a seamless and satisfactory experience.
Director of Engineering in Securrency (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
We have been working with them for a few years already and I am very excited with the services we've received. They are rock stars of technical recruitment!

UAE is a fast growing market which attracts a lot of talent as capital and startups are coming to the region. It is incredibly challenging to reach out to the right talent in such a competitive market like the UAE, and this is where we were lucky to get introduced to Lucky Hunter! They helped us to find many outstanding .NET folks and were massively helpful providing all-in service from start to finish.

Lucky Hunter recruit globally. They help guiding candidates throughout which makes things so much smoother for all parties, and is a great bonus on the top of the services they provide.
Managing Director in PDFfiller (NY, USA)
Contacting Lucky Hunter in order o recruit Frontend developers (React), as well as the team of QA Engineers, we got a high-quality result: IT recruiters provided only relevant candidates, quickly replied to our comments, gave prompt feedback, and showed deep knowledge of the tech market.

Partnership with Lucky Hunter allowed us to solve the complex task of hiring IT specialists in a short time.
HR generalist in OneTick (Hoboken, NJ)
While I was working at Big Data Solutions: We had a vacancy that we struggled to fill for a long time. We were looking for a DevOps engineer with excellent knowledge of Python and AWS. Some acquaintances recommended Lucky Hunter to us, and we decided to reach out to them. Our communication with them was straightforward. They took into account all our wishes and requirements and presented a pool of strong candidates.

Thanks to them, we found a specialist who met our technical requirements. I highly recommend Lucky Hunter to anyone in search of high-quality IT recruitment services.
Recruitment Manager
in BPC
Lucky Hunter Agency is a strong team of recruiters who have a solid understanding of the technology stack, extensive market knowledge, and provide prompt feedback.

They quickly grasped the essence of our product, streamlined the workflow processes, and demonstrated professionalism and expertise.

Working with Lucky Hunter has been both pleasant and effective, and I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to fill challenging IT positions fast.
CEO of Apptica (Cyprus, Nicosia)
We collaborated with Lucky Hunter a while back when they assisted us in filling the vacancies of a Golang Developer, a Sales Manager, and a Frontend Developer.

Their team was incredibly responsive, addressing our concerns and issues on time. Besides the exceptional communication, I would also like to mention their expertise: the recruiters had a great understanding of the IT market and found talented candidates that suited all our requirements.

I recommend Lucky Hunter to those who seek qualified recruitment services.
Head of HR in Paysonix (Cyprus, Nicosia)
We’ve been partnering with Lucky Hunter since November, and they’ve been helping us fill the CTO position.

These guys are true professionals in the IT field: they have in-depth knowledge of various IT sectors and know all the details and nuances. The communication with them is effortless and enjoyable, and I recommend them without hesitation!
Head of Engineering at Ultrarev (Los Angeles, USA)
Lucky Hunter is a great team that sincerely cares about the needs of the client and creates a cool working atmosphere.

It's also good that the team works all over the world. So no matter where you are, who you are looking for and what country, Lucky Hunter works with all such cases.
I am grateful to the Lucky Hunter recruiting team and Tatiana Melnichuk for their outstanding professionalism in filling a challenging position.

We had been unsuccessfully searching for the right person for a leadership role in our new project, and together, we finally found the perfect candidate. Honestly, I was starting to lose hope, but the team didn't give up.

It's been a pleasure working with you all!
Last summer, in order to fill openings and find new employees in our distributed team we decided to contact Lucky Hunter.

Thanks to the tireless work of the agency recruiters, we found relevant specialists within a month and filled 5 of our roles.

So with great pleasure, I recommend Lucky Hunter: it's an excellent partner in finding and hiring people, especially if you are from IT and you need to expand the staff in a short time.
Co-founder of AppFollow (Helsinki, Finland)
Head of People&Culture in AppFollow (Helsinki, Finland)
Highly recommend working with Tatiana Melnichuk and her wonderful team if you are looking for trusted recruitment partner.

They did a great job bringing me to my exciting AppFollow journey I am enjoying for more than 2 years already and I am sincerely grateful for.

Lucky Hunter helped us engage quite a number of talented developers (and not only them) to the team. Feel free to reach out to their friendly and welcoming CEO Tatiana Melnichuk, always a pleasure to collaborate with, and learn more on what they have to offer.
I was working with Tatiana on several IT-hunting projects, for more than five years already, on different levels of complexity.

We've started with web developers. And ended up looking for a permanent CTO for Moeco company. They quickly found a few perfect candidates, and Moeco continued to work with Lucky Hunter for other vacancies. In general, it was a great experience, an awesome agency, and a team.

If you have any IT-closing tasks, Lucky Hunter will definitely help you.
CTO in Moeco
(Berlin, Germany)
CTO in Moeco
(Berlin, Germany)
We were searching for six tech specialists at once. We understood that this task was rather challenging, so we decided to reach out to the Lucky Hunter team.

Recruiters filled 6 positions in a short time, showed deep knowledge in the tech sphere and provided only relevant specialists.

We are very pleased with the work of the Lucky Hunter team and are ready to recommend the company to anyone who needs to fill an IT role quickly and efficiently.
CEO of Kraftvaerk
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
We worked with Lucky Hunter about a year ago. We need to fill the role of HR-specialist. The Lucky Hunter team provided us with a wide range of candidates, accompanying each CV with a detailed commentary. It was easy and productive to work with Lucky Hunter.

HR-specialist, who was selected by Lucky Hunter recruiters, is still working at our company: this is probably the main proof of the team's professionalism. I recommend the agency!
CTO in Food Rocket
(San Francisco, USA)
We were looking for a Senior Python Developer. We had been struggling to find the right candidate for quite some time, but the team at Lucky Hunter were able to find three highly relevant developers for us.

Their approach was both professional and personalized, taking the time to understand our unique needs and company culture. It was clear that they weren't just trying to fill a position but truly cared about finding the right fit for our team.

I appreciate their expertise in the tech industry and their dedication to staying up-to-date on industry trends. If you're looking for a partner to help you find top talent for your company, I highly recommend giving them a try.
Human Resources Manager in Uptick (San Francisco, USA)
Head Of Recruitment
in Space307 (Limassol)
After several months of unsuccessful search for a team leader, we decided to contact the Lucky Hunter agency. The company recruiters helped in hiring a specialist for this rare and challenging position, showed expertise and responsibility. Two months later, the long-hoped-for team leader became part of our team :)

I definitely recommend Lucky Hunter: this is a reliable agency, and it's pleasant and easy to work with its team.
We’ve worked with an IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter on various streams like iOS, Android, marketing manager, UI/UX, and they also helped us hire QA engineers. These guys are great at what they do, and it was really easy to work with them. We're always on the same page with Lucky Hunter and can rely on them.
HR Manager in Rubbles
The agency recruiters are great professionals: they know the IT market and assisted us in filling several important Data Scientists and Data Engineers vacancies.

We really enjoyed working with these guys: they were always responsive, presented relevant candidates, and overall, we were on the same page with them.
Founder in Mapsly
(San Francisco, California)
Recently, we were looking for a PHP developer and reached out to Lucky Hunter for assistance. We were pleased with our collaboration: the recruiters provided detailed feedback at every stage, responded promptly to our requests, and introduced us to relevant candidates.

Besides that, I would like to highlight the individual approach and speed: the team successfully found a specialist who matched our needs and goals within a month. I recommend Lucky Hunter to everyone who needs to quickly and effectively find an IT specialist.
COO in Woodenshark (Nuremberg, Germany)
For the very first time, we contacted Lucky Hunter in January 2019. We needed to recruit an Embedded-developer. The Lucky Hunter tech recruiters filled the role in a short time: we made the long-awaited offer to the candidate just three weeks after the job opening discussion.

We work together with Lucky Hunter till the present day: while maintaining long-term partnerships, we are confident of a high-quality result.
HR Manager in Mercuryo
This fall, we reached out to Lucky Hunter in search of a DBA with expertise in MySQL and PostgreSQL. Our collaboration with the agency proved successful: we found an excellent specialist within 15 working days.

Right from the start, the agency's recruiters showcased professionalism and a remarkable ability to connect with clients. They presented
us with candidates who matched our requirements and expectations.

Overall, we're pleased with our partnership with Lucky Hunter, and we highly recommend them to anyone in search of skilled IT professionals.
CEO at ZenGroup INC
(Osaka, Japan)
We needed two senior .NET developers for our team, so we reached out to Lucky Hunter. Their recruiters understood our needs perfectly and only sent us relevant candidates. We were also impressed by their speed — the team filled the first position in two weeks. We’re still working on the second vacancy, but I have no doubt Lucky Hunter will find the perfect fit.

If you’re looking for IT specialists, I highly recommend this agency.